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    We show how DISRUPTION can become an opportunity

  • Welcome to Youth Vikings

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  • Welcome to Youth Vikings

    We show how DISRUPTION can become an opportunity

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Youth Vikings


The media coverage used in the America’s Cup and the Red Bull Youth America’s Cup is spectacular. Graphic designs combined with overview shots makes it easy for the spectator to see the full picture, while dynamic onboard camera and microphones capture all the action up close. Whether you are in front of your television, smartphone or computer you will be able to follow the individual boats while keeping the full picture in mind.


  • Jesper Bank, 2 Olympic Gold, 1 Olympic Bronze
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  • Jes Gram Hansen, America’s Cup Helmsman, no. 2 World Match Race Ranking 2003, EXSS Silver 2015
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  • Thomas Jacobsen, Head of sport, DK sailing federation
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  • Rasmus Køstner, America’s Cup tactician, Volvo Ocean Race tactician – inshore, EXSS Silver  2015
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  • Hans Natorp, Director DK sailing federation
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  • Jonas Warrer, Olympic Gold 2008, 49er
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Our Team

Professional Sailor

Professional Sailor: SAP Exstreme Sailing\r\n\r\nBeing one of the most experienced dinghy sailors of his age,Mads began an Olympic 49’er campaign together with his brother Christian.After having delivered some impressive results in the 49’er, he paused his campaign, and then started crewing for SAP Extreme. For two years he has been competing with SAP on the “Extreme sailing series”, winning SAPs first ever overall podium position as runner up in 2015. Mads brings lots of experience to share with the rest of the Young Vikings.\r\n\r\nSailing Club: Kongelig Dansk Yachtklub

Sailing instructor

Sailing instructor; Oure Sport and Performance\r\nBoatwork; Winner Optimist\r\n\r\nTogether with his brother Nicolaj, he is one of the most succesfull youth sailors Denmark ever had. Winning two silver, one gold medal at youth World Championships, and two gold, one silver at youth Europeans.\r\nAs a senior sailor he has secured an additional two silver medals at European Championships in fleets of more than\r\n100 boats. His latest and most significant win was being crowned World Champion at the 2016 Hobie 16 Worlds in China. Skippering the last danish Red Bull Youth America’s Cup team Daniel took part of a selection series in San Fransisco in 2013. Unfortunately they didn’t get selected, but he is determined to finish the job this time.\r\n\r\nSailing Club: Kongelig Dansk Yachtklub


Studying chemical engineering: Danish\r\nTechnical University\r\n\r\nChristopher has a lot of sailing experience moving through various youth classes. Most notably winning the Nordic\r\nChampionship in the Zoom 8 and coming 4th at the EUROSAF Youth Europeans in the 29’er. When the choice stood between an Olympic carrier and education, he took a break from highly competitive sailing, to focus on educational progression. In this period, he occasionally sailed the Melges 24. He also started crossfitting, which has ensured his position as one of the most fit sailors. Christopher has a bachelor degree in economics from University of Copenhagen, and is currently educating himself as a chemical engineer.\r\n\r\nSailing Club: Kongelig Dansk Yachtklub


High School: Marselisborg Gymnasium Team\r\nDenmark\r\n\r\nMathias is the foiling catamaran specialist. He has been sailing many different cats from Hobie 16 and Nacra 17 to Flying Phantom. Lately he has been sailing the foiling A-class. Besides his experience in cats, he has been a part of the professional sailing world for quite some time now. It started out with SAP Extreme, but he has also been sailing the Swan 60 and VO70 for professional teams.Mathias brings a lot of experience with professional teams to\r\nthe Youth Vikings. Besides that he is also very good with rope and boat building repairs, which means when there is brake down on the boat, he will be there to fix it.\r\n\r\nSailing Club: Kongelig Dansk Yachtklub


Rigger: Riggerne\r\n\r\nTogether with his brother Daniel, he is one of the most succesfull youth sailors Denmark has ever had. Winning two\r\nsilver medals at the ISAF Youth World Championships, and record holder in Hobie 16 youth European titles with three consecutive wins. As a senior sailor Nicolaj has multiple top 10 finishes at European Championships, and a victory in the Hobie 16 European Spi Cup. In 2013 he came 2nd at the Hobie Wildcat World Championship.\r\nHe sailed on the last danish Red Bull Youth America’s Cup team as they took part in a selection series in San Fransisco in 2013. Unfortunately they didn’t get selected, but he is determined to finish the job this time.\r\n\r\nSailing Club: Kongelig Dansk Yachtklub

Skærmbillede 2017-03-22 kl. 20.42.46

Stig Steinfurth has medals from several youth championships in the Olympic Laser and Finn classes.\r\n\r\nSailing Club: Kongelig Dansk Yachtklub

Marketing Management Student

Studying: Marketing management Aarhus\r\n\r\nAnders changed to keel boat sailing in an early age. After being introduced to matchrace in 2009, he joined one of Denmarks best amateur sailing teams called “Oxygen Sailing Team” in 2011. Together with the rest of the team he won the X-35 World Championship. In 2012 they won the Europeans, and silver at the Worlds. Anders’ latest win was at the famous Cowes Week 2016, sailing with Lady Mariposa Sailing Team, impressing as the team only had sailed together for half a year.\r\nSince 2012 Anders has sailed a variety of high performance keel boats, learning from some of the best professional sailors in Europe. His main experience is from the bow, having physically challenging jobs and constantly looking forward in the game to be prepared for the next maneuver. Besides that, Anders has a lot of experience in how to set up a team, make a team work and run a campaign.\r\n\r\nSailing Club: Kongelig Dansk Yachtklub

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